Taking some much needed time off

Break announcement

Hi pals,

can you believe that I have been writing this little newsletter for over two years now? I sure can’t. All my past blogging attempts have lasted for a maximum of four posts, so I never really expected this thing to grow as it did or me to actually stick with it.

Lately however, I have been a little all over the place with the kind of content I’m sending out. So, I’m going to take a break. I’m going to take some time to figure out where I’d like to take this project in the next two to ten years. Plus, I have been feeling a lot like what Anne Helen Petersen describes in her latest newsletter, titled “You’re Still Exhausted”:

“I wish we could’ve taken a legitimate societal summer slow-down, but most people didn’t have that option. Instead, we find themselves juggling all the things that felt like too much during the pandemic, with the complications (and joys!) of a social life layered on top. Because our society, our jobs, even our family arrangements — none of them are engineered to accommodate rest, let alone grief. It’s not going to happen unless we force space for it in some way.”

This is me now, forcing space for rest. I need some time to tend to my mental health and answer some big questions. I know you understand, because this is one amazing community.

I will be back for sure, probably in the fall, but I’m not going to put myself under any deadline pressure.

In the meantime, there are so many other great newsletters to read. My favorites include Culture Study, Men Yell at Me, Invisible Women, This Naked City, Here’s The Thing, Burnt Toast, Cruel Summer Book Club and Hola Papi.

Take good care, honor your need for rest and until next time,


PS: Any recommendations for a quiet campsite at the French Atlantic coast are much appreciated.

PPS: I know you’re all mostly here for this kind of content: